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Concept / Interior
Launch 2022.11

A vibrant city resort with American 60s influences.

The starting point for the concept of Jacy ‘z Hotel & Resort was that it would be a lively large hotel with several exciting concepts under one roof while having an overall impression reminiscent of Ellery Beach House but with a stronger city character.

We therefore created Jacy ‘z identity with inspiration from 60s design mixed with modern expressions. Just like for Ellery, we used influences from movies, TV series, and personalities that influenced our choices of materials and products for the many different floors and areas.

If we were to set a few keywords that have followed us through the project, it would be American, 60s, California, Miami. A lot of bling with brass to create a sense of luxury in harmony with a warm, inviting living room feel with many upholstered furniture and soft carpets.

What stands out the most in a large house with many different characters is that the design dares to stand out with plenty of different patterns, textures, and materials. Warm and inviting yet playful and fun with much to look at. Loads of patterns and textiles, a myriad of different fixtures, and a wide palette of different surfaces create a rich and exciting palette – yet we have really achieved a soft overall feeling where all this works in balance.

The color palette on the first three floors with lobby and conference leans towards warm earthy tones with some accents – light oak, cream, dark and light ochre yellow, rust red combined with petroleum blue. In JQ’s Lounge on the 17th floor, we let petroleum blue dominate all the walls but match it with textiles in light ochre yellow and rust red together with brass mixed with silver and bronze with Lenny Kravitz as inspiration in the passenger seat.

The restaurant Gogogaga on the 26th floor, on the other hand, bathes in Miami’s light peach-pink tones on walls and ceilings balanced by light wood, light and green tiles, and furniture in strong pastel colors.

On the top floor is our pool club Pachanga which takes you directly to a bonfire on a rooftop garden in LA with a tribute to rattan, terracotta, and other natural materials. The raw materials contrast with soft and fluffy textiles and furniture.