Spik Studios (S Studios Sweden ab) considers data protection and privacy to be of paramount importance. We adhere to applicable laws in our way of working and strive to apply industry standards regarding IT-security.

When you contact Spik Studios or any of our employees via phone or email, we will automatically gather personal data as a natural part of conducting electronic communication. Examples of personal data can be names, phone numbers, email addresses and company affiliation.

When you visit our website, analytics and logging services gather the usual data your web browser provides to us, such as IP addresses, browser of choice, etc. If you have, or are looking for, a professional relationship with us, your personal data can be processed in registers covering customers, prospects, suppliers or potential employees.

Personal data gathered as part of an ongoing business relationship will be covered in separate agreements covering that partnership.


As part of Spik Studios marketing services, we have specific products that we can offer the general public, e.g. newsletters and event invitations. These products all have specific procedures regarding registration and consent. We will not share data outside the scope of these products unless specific consent is given.

It can be good to know that if you are contacting Spik Studios via social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or LinkedIn, any data you share is between you and the social media platform – not us. We will not process that data outside that platform unless we are given specific consent.

Spik Studios will not sell on personal data to anyone. However, we do use external service providers for the processing of some data, such as newsletters, analytics and records of registered suppliers. Those service partners are vetted for GDPR compliance and similar regulations in other regions.

We will keep your personal data until you ask us to remove it. This can be for a period of a year or as long as we require it to complete the task the information was originally gathered for. We will keep data longer if other agreements or circumstances require it.

If you have any questions, comments, or need to contact us regarding extracts from registers, to revoke consent or make corrections, contact Spik Studios Privacy Officer at