Spik Studios creates engaging experiences and covet-worthy meeting spaces. We are passionate about creativity and design, and we develop inspiring, personalized concepts for hotels, restaurants and public spaces that make a genuine difference for our customers, for their brands – and for their businesses.

Our diverse experience from the hospitality industry and our insight into strategy, service and business development form our compass and starting point for each project. From our perspective, architecture, interior decor and design alone can never result in as successful a concept as design combined with strategic analysis, business acumen and industry knowledge.

Only then do we produce engaging, soulful and moving experiences that result in long-term business success.

We are creators. We are architects and interior designers, concept developers and strategists, purchasers and project managers. And we are visionaries, philosophers and dreamers. We create experiences that people lust after – and the stories that people can’t wait to share.

We are Spik Studios.